Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Giveaways on January Wk 05

Ouch...many days still trying to get my free time, coz I'm too busy with my works.  But today I have a free day to give u all the info, good info about Giveaways that i've join for this week.

Hello Miss Niki
This awesome Giveaways host by Niki on her beauty blog Hello Miss Niki. If u want to join this giveaways, u can click on the picture bellow.

Overdose: Neurotransmitter
This is the 2nd GA that I've join today, this is from Kristy, a beauty blogger on her blog Overose: Neurotransmitter.
If u really want join, u can click here.
And this is for the prizes....(drooling...^-^).

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